Wheel of Time- The four Pillars

The Four Pillars- Rumors

Chapter 1- The Dragon

Gossip and rumours are floating in every city and town about the changes that are occuring since the announcement of the re-birth of the Dragon.

There’s a new order in Tear and some think that there will finally be one King instead of the High Lords to rule there. That might be why several of the High Lords have left the Stone, claiming that the Dragon is not a High Lord, nor King of Tear and is not fit to rule. They are rumoured to be building an army, but no one knows yet where it is gathering. Lady Zarine Bashere and Lord al’Lan Mandragoran have not issued any word concerning the rebels, dealing with state visitors thought to be Lord Bashere and his wife.

Both Andor and Carhien are still reeling over the loss of Aringil. King Galldrien of Carhien, still trying to rebuild after the Aiel War, blames Darkfriends and is re-doubling his efforts to locate Darkfriends in Carhien. Lord Gaebril, the new advisor to Queen Morgase of Andor, has issued a proclamation on her behalf that the Dragon is henceforth banned from the realm of Andor.

Tar Valon is in turmoil as there are rumours that Siuan Sanche, the Watcher of the Seals, the Amyrlin Seat has been deposed. There has been no announcement of who has been raised to the Amyrlin Seat as of yet, nor has there been an announcement of when Siuan’s public trial and birching prior to her stilling would be.

There is still no word from the Almoth Plain and Falme, though there are some rumours of Whitecloak troops being seen in the area.

The world seems balanced on a knife edge waiting for the announcement of the other 3 Reborn and to see what affect they will have on the world…



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