Georg Prime

Wandering swordsman


Class: Armsman/Blademaster
Background: Outlander
Homeland: Unknown
Level: Armsman 5/Blademaster 1
Height 6’2” Age: 29

|Str: 20 | Dex: 18 | Con: 15 | Int: 16 | Wis: 14 | Cha: 13 |
AC: 21 Touch AC: 17 Flat-footed: 17
HP: 56 Initiative: +8 Defense Bonus: 3

Saving Throws Fortitude: +7 Reflex: +12 Will: +4
Attack Bonus:+6/+1 Speed: 30 ft CMB: +11 CMD: 25

Weapon: Warder Sword (Bastard Sword)
Attack Bonus: +12/+7 Critical: 19-20 (x2) Damage: 1d10+9

Acrobatics: +13, Bluff: + 3, Composure: + 7, Diplomacy: + 5, Handle Animal: + 5, Heal: + 6, Intimidate: + 9, Knowledge (history): + 6, Knowledge (martial): +11, Perception: +10, Perform(dance): + 3, Ride: + 8, Sense Motive: +11, Stealth: +13, Survival: + 6, Swim: + 9

Feats: Strong Soul, Exotic Weapon (Warder Sword), Adaptive Style, Quick Draw, Weapon Focus (Warder Sword), Improved Initiative, Latent Old Blood

Special Abilities: Battle Clarity (Reflex saves), Weapon Aptitude, Uncanny Dodge, Battle Ardor (Critical confirmation), Armor Compatibility, Weapon Specialization (Warder Sword) (Bonus feat). Martial Maneuvers

Martial Maneuvers Known: 8 (Steel Wind, Steel Strike, Leading the Attack, Mountain Hammer, Moment of Perfect Mind, Tactical Strike, Iron Heart Surge, Exorcism of Steel).

Martial Maneuvers Ready: 5

Martial Stances: 2 (Punishing Stance, Leading the Charge)

Equipment: Backpack, Bedroll, Blanket (Winter), Flint and Steel, Lantern (hooded), Tent, Waterskin, Whetstone, Healer’s Kit (bandages), Cold weather outfit, Traveler’s outfit, rations (dry) 1 week, Horse (heavy, combat trained), Saddle Riding, Saddle Bags.


Little is known about this enegmatic swordsman save that he has been travelling with Moiraine Sedai since before the party was formed even though he is clearly not her Warder. Georg claims to have been a soldier in Gheldean, fighting against the False Dragon Logain. He also claims to have travelled around the world to the east a great deal and knows many tales of people and places that are exotic and unfamiliar which he seems fond of telling. He practices a fighting-style that has not been found anywhere else within the world, drawing his blade, cutting down his foe and returning it to the scabard in one smooth motion.

The truth about who Georg is and where he is from is known only to Moiraine Sedai and her Warder Lan, Georg is from a mirror world.

It was during a routine patrol of the Ceras Lake region, within the Queendom of Falena that Georg came upon a strangely clothed woman who called herself Moiraine Damondred. Moiraine claimed to come from another world and be an Aes Sedai, a wizard of some importance. While she was welcomed by Ferid and Georg, Queen Arshtat found Moiraine’s meddling and inquisitive nature annoying. She ordered Georg to keep an eye on her and to keep her out of the way. Moiraine spent most of her time researching the Sun Rune the Ceras Lake runes that she had appeared near trying in vain to find a way back to her world so that she could find the Dragon Reborn. Although Georg wasn’t quiet sure if he could believe her stories he humored Moiraine showing her who to speak to within Falena regarding the Sindar ruins.

After several months Georg was requested by Ferid to watch over the Prince of Falena on a routine visit to Lordlake. Georg not wanted to leave Moiraine unsupervised in the presence the Queen requested that she come along for the journey. At Lordlake they saw the extent of Ahrstat’s cruelty and the suffering of its citizens. When the Prince, along with Georg and Moiraine, confronted Ahrstat about the inhuman treatment of Lordlake she brushed them aside saying that they deserved all that they received and that the citizens of Lordlake were an example of what happens to those who defy the will of the Queen of Falena.

Georg was deeply trouble by the Queen’s statements and feared that his old friend Ferid may not have brought him to Falena in vain. But his purpose in coming to Falena was revealed by Ferid at the Sacred Games held to find Princess Lymsleia a husband. The result of the games was the Princes became betrothed to a member of house Godwin. The new couple had been engaged barely a week before an assassination attempt took place. Georg and Moiraine fought to protect the Queen but the power of the Sun Rune over came her as she prepared to reduce all of Falena to ashes. Her husband Ferid gave his life to distract the Queen giving Georg the moment he needed to strike her down. Moiraine attempted to use what little magic she had learned to prevent the Rune’s power from leaking out and annihilating the surrounding area as the Queen died. Her efforts seemed for naught as a bright flash engulfed the room. The next thing Georg knew he and Moiraine were laying a circle of stones in an unfamiliar field. Moiraine seemed ecstatic as she explain that she was finally home. Georg confused and bewildered by the whole experience had not choice but to trust Moiraine as she had trusted him a short time ago.

Georg Prime

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