Fedric Perser, the Dragon

Fedric is a plain, unassuming man with fine features, blond hair, and a small frame. If you were to meet him in an inn or a city street, there would be no knowing his true identity- the Dragon Reborn.


Class: Wilder 6



Fedric was the eldest son born to Willim and Katarin Perser. Willim was a carpenter of Aringill, in Andor, while Katarin was a refugee displaced during the Aiel War. Steady, salt-of-the-earth Willim managed to catch the beautiful Katarin’s eye, and the pair were soon married. Shortly after their wedding, almost scandalously so, Fedric was born. Unfortunately, Fedric looked nothing like his stocky, well-muscled father, and whispers soon abounded in the small town about what Fedric’s parentage really was.

Katarin seemed to truly love her husband, however, and born his three more children, who were obviously the carpenter’s sons, before she died of consumption when Fedric was six. Willim wasn’t a cruel man, however, and though he was fairly cold and distant to his eldest son, he trained the boy and made him a part of his carpentry practice. Fedric’s smaller, finer hands were especially talented at producing carvings and scrollwork, and the young man was actually able to increase the Persers’ business through his work. As for Fedric, he enjoyed doing the carving, but something more seemed missing. He longed to see the world.

When Willim the elder died in an accident during the restoration of a fire-gutted nobleman’s manor, Fedrci decided it was time for him to leave Aringill behind. His brothers, jealous of Fedric’s skill and always hostile because of their dubious relation, did not try to stop him. And so, Fedric left, journeying to Andor where he enrolled in the Queen’s Guard.

Fedric Perser, the Dragon

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