Trained Only; Latent Dreamer required

Check: With a successful check you are able to manipulate the fabric of Tel’aran’rhiod or other people’s dreams (note: the Dreamer has control of their own dream. Someone entering another person’s dream cannot change anything that the Dreamer is actively affecting). You can even alter other people so long as they are not physically in Tel’aran’rhiod at the time. To change yourself you must make a successful check, DC 10 to change your clothes, DC 20 to change your physical appearance. This is done as a move action. Any changes to your physical appearance including items you do not normally carry will vanish if you are distracted (distracted means if you were holding a weave and forced to make a concentration check). If you can successfully make a concentration check you are able to maintain the changes in spite of the distraction.
To change another person, make a similar skill check at the same DC’s as to affect yourself but +5. If they also have the Dream Bending skill, then you must make an opposed skill check and best their roll by 5 in order to alter their appearance. Again this is done as a move action. You are also able to travel to any point in Tel’aran’rhiod that you can envision-that you have been to either in the real world or in Tel’aran’rhiod. Doing this is a move action requiring a DC 15 skill check, you have a +5 circumstance bonus to the roll if you are very familiar with the location or can see it from where you are.
Someone moving in this way vanishes in a blur. Observers may make a Perception check against their Dream Bending skill check. If your roll bests theirs you know where they are able to follow them even if you have never been to the location before. The check is made at a DC 30 to follow if you are unfamiliar with the location.

Retry: The only instance in which you may not make a second attempt with Bend Dream is following some to a location you have never been. If you fail to follow them you may not try again.

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