Lost; Trained Only; Channeler Only

Using this skill a channeler can conceal their weaves from other channeler (of the same gender).

Check: The channeler may only use the Invert skill on their weaves. The check is made immediately after the weave is cast. A successful skill check (DC 10 + weave’s casting level), means the weave is successfully hidden from most other channelers. Only the weave is hidden its effects are visible if they are normally. For example an inverted create fire still creates a visible fire.
Channelers with the Sense Residue feat (they must still be the same gender as the channeler who wove the spell) have chance to see the weave. They may oppose your Invert check with a Weavesight check. If they roll a higher total they see your weave. If the roll is equal or less than your invert check they cannot see the weave.

Retry: You may only attempt to invert the weave once per casting. If you fail the weave remains uninverted and may be seen as normal.

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