A character may add new classes as she progresses in levels. The class abilities from a characters different classes add together to determine a multiclass character’s total abilities. Multiclass increases a character’s versatility at the expense of focus.


Eselle a 4th level wanderer, decides she wants to expend her repertoire and learn the arts of war. She locates a mentor to teach her in the ways of the armsman and spends a lot of time with Caira, her party’s armsman. When Eselle has enough experience to reach her next level instead of becoming a 5th level wanderer she chooses to become a 4th level wanderer and 1st level armsman. Now instead of gaining the benefits of attaining a new level of wanderer, she gains the benefits of becoming a 1st level armsman. She rolls the armsan’s hit die (d10), gains an armsman’s 1st level abilities, save bonuses, defense bonuses, and skill points etc. These bonuses are added to her 4th level wanderer scores. She does not again any new benefits in the wanderer class.


The abilities of a multiclass are the some of the abilities of each character class. Level: “Character level” is the total level of the character. It is derives from overall XP earned and is used to determine feat and ability score progression. “Channeler levels” or “Caster levels” are the total levels a character has in all classes that are able to channel, prestige class levels do not grant the ability to channel unless otherwise noted. “Initiator Level” is the characters total level in martial classes (Algai’d’siswai and Armsman) + ½ their remaining character levels. “Class levels” is the level a character has achieved in a certain class, a characters level is the sum of their class levels.

Hit Dice: This is the dice type rolled to determine hit points at each new level and is based on the characters class level.

Base Attack Bonus: Also known as BAB, this is the base value that a character adds when rolling to check if an attack hits. If the characters BAB is +6 or higher the character gains additional attacks. For instance, a 6th level wanderer/4th level armsman has a BAB of +8. This allows the character to make a second attack with a bonus of +3, even through the +4 from the wanderer and +4 from the armsman would not normally grant an extra attack. What is important is total BAB not BAB from individual classes.

Saving Throws: Add the base saves from each class together.

Defense Bonus: Add the defense bonus from each class together then subtract two for each additional class the character has. Prestige classes and NPC classes do not count as additional classes when tabulating defense total defense bonus.

Reputation: The total reputation scores from all classes add together.

Skills: A character’s class skills are all the class skills from each class.

Starting Feats: The character gets all starting feats of all classes.

Class Feature: The character gains all class features of all classes in which we they have appropriate levels.

Feats: Multiclass characters still receive a feat every two character levels.

Ability Increase: Multiclass characters abilities scores increase once every four character levels.

Weaves: Some weaves base their effect upon the caster level. In the case of multiclass characters their caster level is the sum of all channeling class levels. Also your inital channeling class determines the rate at which your weaves per day increases.


Each time a multiclass character achieves a new level, he or she increase one or she picks up a new class at 1st level. When a multiclass character increases on of her class levels by one, she gets all the standard benefits for achieving a level in that class. Skill points be spent as the character wishes.

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