The Ogier are the only non-human character race in the wheel of time setting. For more details on appearance and behavior please read the suggested reference material.

OGIER BACKGROUND TRIATS: Since Ogier are not human they do not receive any of the bonus racial features that humans do. However they do receive other racial bonuses and to compensate for this and may choose one of the following feats as a background feat: Artistic, Education, Living History, or Smooth Talk.

Their racial bonuses are:

• + 2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -4 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom. The Ogier’s massive size give them an advantage over human in strength and resiliency, however this same size means that they have more difficulty maneuvering their hands than a human would. Their long life spans also add to the Wisdom an Ogier possesses.

• Ogier are Large sized creatures. (This give them a natural 10 ft reach with weapons and a -1 penalty to their AC)

• Base speed of 40 ft.

• Low Light Vision: Ogier can see well in low light conditions twice as far as humans can.

• Ogier receive the following as class skills knowledge(any one), profession (any one), and linguistics

• Ogier receive a +2 racial bonus on any perception check involving sound.

• No Ogier may ever be a channeling class.

• Ogier know the Ogier language and one Common dialect of their choice. The bonus languages they may choose from are Common (all dialects) and Old Tongue.
*NOTE: There are no half-Ogier, as they are a completely different species from Humans.* Backgrounds
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