Ta’veren are individuals who have far more impact on the Pattern than average people. It is believed that when the great Pattern needs major changes to keep its balance, ta’veren are spun out of the Pattern. Ta’veren often cause extremely unlikely things to happen with great regularity. Being around a ta’veren does not make people say or do things they never would do under any circumstances. But it may make them do things they would do one once in one hundred or even a thousand times. Not all ta’veren are of the same strength, and some people are ta’veren only for a short time while others warp the Pattern for their entire lives.

Normally players cannot choose to make their character ta’veren, since this status is not something that can be earned, learned, or forced. However at the GM’s discretion the following feat may be used to allow players to have rules for choosing for their character to be ta’veren.


You bend the pattern around you in strange and interesting ways

Benefit: A number of times per day equal to twice your level you are able to re-roll any die roll even if it is not you making it. This can be an NPC attack roll, and allies skill check, and roll that is made you can force to re-roll. This re-roll may be done after you know the result of the roll and you may expend multiple uses of your re-roll ability on the same die roll.

If the GM denies the use of this feat only they can decide who the Pattern makes ta’veren.

This should never be done lightly–ta’veren are rare and have a significant impact on the game. Of course a character may only be ta’veren briefly, to further some specific need of the Pattern. Characters who are ta’veren may earn bonus ability points (usually Charisma), feats, and skills as part of being ta’veren.

A GM should be very careful when passing out such bonuses and remember that they should be removed if a character stops being ta’veren. The bonuses should be subtle, representing the ta’veren’s ability to influence the outcome of the Pattern: extra Talents and Affinities for channelers (representing things they just happen to pick up easily, when others would have to study extensively), luck bonuses and bonuses to skill checks are the most common. Another option it to take a less concrete approach to the ta’veren and adapting NPC reaction to how you as the GM feel they would be affected by the pull of the ta’veren.


Another way to create ta’veren characters is to apply the following template.

+2 Charisma, +2 Wisdom: Ta’veren appear more insightful, confident, and personable.

Skilled: Ta’veren have a +2 luck bonus on Diplomacy and Perception checks.

Supernatural Ability: A number of times per day equal to their Cha modifier + Wis modifier when a ta’veren rolls a d20 they may roll two dice and pick the result they desire. The ta’veren must declare they are using this ability before they roll the dice. This ability is reflexive and does not require an action to use.

Weave Resistance: Ta’veren have weave resistance equal to 8 + character level.

This template is easier to give and remove than the feat suggested above, but gives a different feel to the Ta’veren .

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