Tinkers Background

Background Feats: Artist, Living History, Seductive, Smooth Talk, Survivor

Background Skills: Diplomacy, Handle Animal, Knowledge (history), and Perform (sing and dance) Survival

Bonus Languages: Common (Arad Doman), Common (Atha’an Miere), Common (Borderland), Common (Cairhien), Common (Domani), Common (Ebou Dar), Common (Illian), Common (Midlander, Common (Tarabon), Common (Tar Valoner) Common (Tarien)

Skill Restriction: None

Required Skill: Perform (any)

Weapon Restriction: All- Tinkers cannot use weapons. They lose any of their proficiencies that their class grants them. See GM about Tinker characters.

Special: Tinkers cannot take offensive Class Abilities (Sneak Attack, Rage, Combat Maneuvers, etc.). Instead of these abilities, a Tinker gets feats from the following list: Skill Focus, Iron Will, Evasion, Improved Evasion.

Tinkers who become Ex Tinkers gain these class abilities upon giving up the Way of the Leaf.
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Tinkers Background

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