Wanderers share little in common with each other. Some are stealthy thieves (and unfortunately this makes people suspicious of all wanderers). Others are silver-tongued tricksters. Still others are explorers, merchants, outlaws, gamblers, thugs, peddlers, traveling scholars, etc. Whatever their profession they share a reliance on skills and abilities, quick-wittedness, and a willingness to take risks other people wouldn’t dare.

Adventures: Wanderers adventure for several reasons. First and foremost they’re in it for whatever they can get. Many wanderers lust for gold, or treasures, others seek lost knowledge or artifacts of Ages long past. The second driving force is curiosity. Many of them yearn to see new places, learn new things, and broaden their experiences of the world. Third, they like to pit their wits against challenges that confront them.

Characteristics: It’s difficult to generalize about the characteristics of the wanderer. As a group, they encompass everyone from greedy traders, to vicious assassins, to pacifist scholars. At best one can say that virtually all wanderers survive , to a certain extent, on their wits and skills. They do not go around wearing heavy armor , carry heavy weapons (usually) or display awesome fighting prowess (openly). Instead they are have nimble fingers and minds, both of which they use to make a good living and enjoy themselves. Many of them count on their luck to help them out, too (and thus sometimes end up in hot water when ill fortune strikes). Some develop almost uncanny levels of skill.

Origin: Some wanderer are born to their lives such as the children of merchants families. Others drift into the life of a wanderer because they aren’t temperamentally suited for anything else. Some are attracted by the freedom the wanderer’s lifestyle offers.

Wanderers do not see each other as fellows unless they happen to be members of the same group, have studied together under the same mentor, or have associates in common. In fact wanderers usually trust other wanderers less than they trust anyone else, they’re no fools.

Background: Wanderers can come from just about anywhere (though few Aiel follow this path). Ebou Dari duelist, Tanchico thieves, and con artists, Ogier traveling scholars, Tarien gamblers, Midlander peddlers, thugs of Cairhien’s Foregate, and many others all qualify as wanderers.


Wanderers have the following game statistics.
Alignment: Any
Hit Die: d8
Skill Points per Level: 8 + Int modifier

Abilities: The wanderer is the same as the Rogues in Pathfinder: Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook.

Class Skills: The wanderer’s class skills are the same as the Rogue in Pathfinder: Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook.

Class Features: All of the following are class features of the Wanderer.
The wanderers have the same class features as they Rogue in Pathfinder: Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook.

Additional Rogue Talents
Illicit Barter (Ex): The wanderer has a +5 competence bonus on any Diplomacy checks to buy or sell illicit or illegal goods.
The Dark One’s Own Luck (Ex): The bonus feat The Dark One’s Own Luck is gained when selecting this talent.

Note: Tinkers who take wanderer as a class do not receive sneak attack. Instead, whenever they receive an advancement in their sneak attack ability they receive an additional rogue talent or Skill Focus feat. If the Tinker abandons the Way of the Leaf they may start gaining the sneak attack bonus. They must take feats to become proficient with weapons, however, as they did not receive the necessary training when beginning the class. The Ex Tinker will gain all proficiencies of any new Class or Pretige Class they take.

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