Channeler Only

Using this skill a channeler may identify weaves that are cast, held or tied off. Note that even with this skill male channelers cannot see female channeler’s weaves and vice versa.

Check: You can identify a weave and its effects. You also use this skill when attempting to learn a weave

Retry: You may retry a weave sight check if the channeler re-casts the weave. If the channeler is holding the weave or it is tied off you may retry after 10 minutes of study. Sensing the residue of a weave (what remains after the effects have dissipated) requires 10 minutes of study and the DC is increased by 5 for every hour to a maximum of +20, after this the DC increase by 5 for each week that has passed since the weaves effect ended.

Special: You suffer a -10 penalty to any attempts to identify or learn any weaves for which you do not have any affinity. You suffer a -5 penalty to identify or learn any weaves for which you do not possess all the affinities.

The Sense Residue feat may not be used to detect a weave that was released no more than one month prior.

The Sense Residue feat also gives you the ability to use Weavesight to notice inverted weaves. You must roll higher on a Weavesight check than your opponent rolled for their Invert check. You may never attempt to the same spot inverted weave again if you fail the initial attempt.

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