Women in the Wheel of Time

Gender Roles in Wheel of Time

Women within the world, though very influential and powerful, do not have the same freedoms to for professions and adventuring as men. Women often learn domestic arts, and how to run the household while men learn trades and warfare. In all lands, with the exception of the Borderlands and the Aiel, women are actively discouraged from taking up arms. There are those who defy convention such as the legendary Brigitte Silverbow but such women must be willing to endure the mockery and disrespect that comes with breaking convention.
It should be noted that while people will likely talk few are foolish enough to openly scorn an Aes Sedai for any choices they make, though their peers are unlikely to be as forgiving.
Female characters may take any core class they desire though the following classes are considerd acceptable: Initiate, Noble and Wilder. Wanders and Woodsman are discouraged but may be acceptable among more rural people where such skills are required for survival. Additionally Wetlanders will find these women barbaric.
Thus while women can choose the same classes as men they are likely to be received with suspicion and mockery for trying to be something they are not.

For information on the stimga faced by men who can channel please see that section under the Misc Rules

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Women in the Wheel of Time

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